Why Medical Images Should Never Be Exchanged via CDs

How do CDs delay patient care and result in poor healthcare outcomes? Kevin Thompson, president of Thompson Medical Consulting, explains why medical images should never be exchanged via CDs.

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Healthcare’s Dirty Little Secret

Why are unnecessary rescans healthcare’s dirty little secret? TeleRay Chief Operating Officer Steve Austin explains the problems associated with rescanning and the ways TeleRay can help.

Why Diagnostic Imaging Needs AI and Machine Learning

Why does diagnostic imaging need artificial intelligence and machine learning? TeleRay Chief Operating Officer Steve Austin explains why these tools are ideal for radiology.

The Huge benefits of Livestreaming Mammography Ultrasound

What are the benefits of livestreaming mammography and ultrasound exams? TeleRay CEO Tim Kelley highlights the advantages for patients and healthcare professionals.

How Medical Image Sharing Can Lead to Privacy Issues

How can medical image sharing lead to privacy issues? TeleRay Chief Technology Officer Cody Neville highlights different delivery methods for medical images and explains how TeleRay’s methodology allows hospitals and doctors to know they are sending images to the correct patient.

Electronic Health Record Integration

How does TeleRay integrate with electronic health records, and what information is transferred? TeleRay CEO Tim Kelley explains the platform’s functionality and benefits.

Benefits of TeleRay’s RMC

What are the benefits of TeleRay’s Remote Modality Controller (RMC)?

TeleRay Chief Technology Officer Cody Neville highlights some of the key advantages of the new Remote Modality Controller, the latest innovation in distance healthcare.

Common Misconceptions About Teleradiology

What are the misconceptions about teleradiology? TeleRay CEO Tim Kelley dispels some of the most common teleradiology myths people mistakenly believe.