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complete virtual care with images, reports, live consult, data exchange, with access anywhere on any device.

Compliant, secure, insured, at a low cost.

Telenursing, telesitting, and virtual visits on any device.


Our ultra-secure cloud storage system is

highly scalable, highly reliable, and easy to implement

TeleRay offers super-fast uploads, downloads, and viewing anywhere, on any device, at any time. We partnered with Microsoft Azure to bring the most secure storage to you in your own silo. We do not put your patients in a large repository like other companies. Image management is included with any TeleRay subscription. Whether you need a temporary, long-term, or reliable backup solution, we will meet your needs. Includes FDA approved viewer with cine, hanging protocols, fusion, MPR, Mammo and much more.

live streaming of any Modality in real time

Easy to use Live Streaming of any modality with built in video conferencing software for real time consultation. No downloads, reimbursement validation, and radiology integration. Talk, view, store and share, on one platform.


Connect with your patients with imaging, voice, and sharing

Reporting & EMR Integration

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