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Telehealth & Radiology are 130 Years Old. Time to update your system?

Ultra-Secure Image Exchange & Storage

TeleRay transfers patient studies faster and more securely than any other method. Enjoy a host of other free features including a built-in DICOM Image Viewer, Query/Retrieve from PACS, Anonymize Study, Import Studies from Disc, and many more! TeleRay products allow for the viewing or transfer of DICOM images during telehealth visits. Transfer images created or viewed through TeleRay Live, TeleRay Record, TeleRay, and TeleRay Visit.

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Our ultra-secure cloud storage system is highly scalable, highly reliable, and easy to implement. It offers super-fast uploads, downloads, and viewing anywhere, on any device, at any time. We partnered with Microsoft Azure to bring the most secure storage to you in your own silo. We do not put your patients in a large repository like other companies. Image management is included with any TeleRay subscription. Whether you need a temporary, long-term, or reliable backup solution we will meet your needs. Includes FDA registered viewer with cine, hanging protocols, fusion, MPR, and much more.

Telehealth for Modalities…

Easy to use video conferencing software. No downloads, reimbursement validation, and radiology integration. Talk, view, store and share, on one platform. 

Connect with your patients with imaging, voice, and sharing

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Reporting & EMR Integration

  • Custom front page with the practices logo and contact information.
  • Modality created/custom reports. 
  •  Sign and date the report. 
  • Secure Exchange for sharing images with other offices and patients. 
  • EMR integration enables reports to be put into the patient chart as well as a link for quick access to the study.  

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Protected By Multiple Patents Pending

Transmit real-time radiology examinations

TeleRay Live is a leading new platform that transmits real-time radiology examinations at the point-of-care to qualified physicians from any site, whether a remote satellite office or an under-served location.

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Prof. Adiel Barak, MD Tel Aviv, Israel

Low Cost Medical Grade Telehealth Cart​

Take the power of TeleRay wherever you need it. Whether it’s a remote bedside visit, a different room in the office, or other special circumstances, TeleRay is easily moved for a patient or professional consultation.

TeleRay HALO Medical Grade Cart

High-Tech Telehealth/Telemedicine Cart with Service

Halo by TeleRay is the latest innovation for carts with TeleRay Services. Medical grade with high tech features for demanding situations. Whether it’s a consultation, patient monitoring, virtual rounds, and other situational issues, HALO can accommodate your needs.

TeleRay Remote - Secure and Portable Remote Service

TeleRay Remote allows service organizations the ability to remotely access and control equipment with no 3rd party software installed on the target device. The RRS device plugs into the video out port and the USB port. Once the device is connected, a service technician can log in and view the device’s screen in real-time and control the keyboard and mouse allowing for full equipment access.

TeleRay Visit - Any room at any time

Who says you can’t be in more than one place at a time?

TeleRay Visit is a powerful video and communication platform to view and consult multiple rooms simultaneously or separately. It allows for an overview of ultrasound rooms or any other modality that has access to a browser and internet capability.

Endoscopic Surgical Recorder - HD video into DICOM

All-in-one HD to DICOM recorder suitable for any environment.  Powerful medical video recording software controllable by touchscreen medical panel PC with a simple and intuitive user interface. Locally store more than 125 hours of HD videos and up to 100.000 of still images. Send any recording or stills to PACS or through the TeleRay peer-to-peer network.

Convert any TV to a Telehealth Station

Have a high-quality experience in any environment with voice and picture clarity in minutes. Features such as:

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