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TeleRay professionals represent more that 150 years experience in the field to bring next generation communication platforms to the market. We strive to meet our customers needs through a needs based approach while keeping security, speed and ease of access as top priorities. As the need for virtual care expands, we will continue to develop first in calls systems to exceed your expectations. 

TeleRay Technologies

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TeleRay has integrated best-in-class medical image and patient information distribution software with the most innovative telehealth technology available to deliver the world’s most scalable, accessible, and user-friendly healthcare communications platform. Virtual care built around the primary diagnostic tool- radiology- to expand the use cases and efficiencies. 

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(Cedars Sinai, Shriners, Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern, Harvard, Columbia and Cornell Medical Centers, New York Presbyterian, Duke, Baylor, Barnes- Jewish UPENN/  UPMC/UWMC, UIMC/ UAMC/ HUMC and more).

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Well-known brand and approved vendor in all major health networks

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TeleRay differentiators

Company Advisors

Timothy Chou

Board Member, Stanford Cloud Computing Lecturer

Ketang Modi, DO, DABR

TeleRadiologist, Medical Director, Serial Entrepreneur, Private Equity/Investor

Aldo Ruffolo, DO, MBA

Senior Vice President Operations and Business Development at Envision Physician Services

Boris Zavalkovskiy

Director Enterprise Architecture at Envision Healthcare

Dave Singhal

Growth and Strategy | Inception-to-Exit Long Game

Devyani Chowdhury

MD, MHA | Area of research is pursuing artificial intelligence and machine learning models

Why TeleRay

TeleRay was built with security and workflow in mind to make sure both providers and less technical patients are able to join a highly secure, HD quality Telehealth/video conference with ease by stand alone or through EMRs such as Epic for telenursing and telesitting. TeleRay allows for one-click invites to be sent via text message or email from beside PDI stations to providers and family members. This allows quick and effortless secure conferences to occur with no downloads and cross-platform performance from mobile devices to PCs.
Expanding Telehealth Capabilities. TeleRay can be used  for quick bedside meetings, telenursing workflows, as well as used for creating an entire telehealth network. We have workflows for Secure telehealth meetings to occur at the patient’s home or conferencing in specialists or family members, to display medical imaging, results to allow guide tours from a distance.

Our Support Is Just Better

Unlike all other solutions, TeleRay has real IT support for providers and patients. We work with the locations, providers, and patients/family members to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. We know good support is critical when implementing a video solution. Especially when integrating into an EMR and PACS systems such as Epic. TeleRay’s platform is designed and architected to avoid common issues and we actively help guide the user experience. We are your partner, not a software company …and that’s the TeleRay promise!


No stored Patient Health Information (PHI) All accounts stored in Microsoft Azure’s self-healing network with advance security protocols enabled and is only located in the USA Secure Connection: The sessions established are secure (with secured tokens that are regenerated). Random AES keys are generated by clients at the beginning of the media connection and, to increase security, additional keys are generated periodically throughout the session. Data Transmission and Encryption: TeleRay employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt both voice and video data. The core protocols used are SRTP for media traffic encryption and DTLS-SRTP for key negotiation, both of which are defined by the IETF. The endpoints use AES cipher with 256-bit keys to encrypt audio and video, and HMAC-SHA1 to verify data integrity.
Most other systems do not have two tier security. There is no higher level of security on the market. That is why TeleRay indemnifies every customer.


Liability - You're Covered

There is no liability with telehealth that is different from an in-office visit. If your carrier does not cover telehealth as a standard of care, you need a new carrier. We are the only company that insures its customers for up to $2,000,000 per breach instance.