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TeleRay Visit is a powerful video and communication platform to view and consult multiple rooms simultaneously or separately. Whether it is telenursing, telesitting, virtual rounds, bedside visits, family members or specialists, ICU, and more, you may address many use cases. TeleRay is partnered with Axis cameras for best in class Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability with AI for fall detection, patient wandering, sound detection for aggression, cough and medical systems such as infusion pumps.

Image Exchange

TeleRay provides the only true private key peer-to-peer system. There is no other system that provides a higher level of security for peace of mind. Ultra- fast and ultra secure. Free for patients and receivers. Thousands of sites in multiple countries. Backed by a $2,000,000 breach policy. Set annual prices based on number of exchanges. No hidden fees or surprises, just great results!


Don’t get fined by using outdated servers, portable drives, or using your modalities to store images. TeleRay’s fully compliant storage with access from anywhere on any device is easy to use. We can migrate all of your studies for a seamless transfer and update. FDA approved viewer and advanced reporting available.  Lost files and studies can be up to $50,000 fine each! TeleRay indemnifies every customer against a breach. 


Robust reporting module to build custom reports with logos and contact information. Drag and drop fields, read current DICOM fields to replicate and build reports. Recommendations and Impressions and finalizing reports with uploaded signature. Dynamically update measurements. Ability to push reports and image link into any EMR. 


Take the power of TeleRay wherever you need it. Whether it’s telenursing, telesitting, virtual rounds, a remote bedside visit, a different room in the office, or other special circumstances, TeleRay is easily moved for a patient or professional consultation with our low cost medical grade carts for any use case. Starting at $3,995 fully equipped. Axis AI cameras available.

teleray remote - secure and portable remote service

TeleRay Remote allows service organizations, technologists, applications, the ability to remotely access and control equipment with no 3rd party software installed on the target device. The RMS device plugs into the video out port and the USB port and can be connected by network or cellular. Have any system at your finger tips with CPU data and total control. Great for service, training, and trouble shooting.

teleray reCORD

All-in-one HD to DICOM recorder suitable for any environment.  Powerful medical video recording software controllable by touchscreen medical panel PC with a simple and intuitive user interface. Works with any existing camera of endoscopic system. Convert video to DICOM to view in any PACS or in TeleRay platform. 


Get the most out of your TeleRay subscription with a desktop workstation with a high definition screen, plenty of memory for performing fast reads using an FDA approved viewer. Diagnostic monitors available. Only $2995 with TeleRay subscription included. Become updated and compliant today.


A laptop workstation is ideal for small clinics that need mobility with speed. Great for directly connecting to modalities or wireless networks. Includes all TeleRay features. Only $1995 with TeleRay subscription included. Connect wirelessly or by network and become updated and compliant today for less than $5 a day!


TeleRay provides a simple worklist client to query and display patient demographics and appointment information. The client also implements procedure step protocols to relay status information back to the worklist server for a complete workflow solution. Custom HL7 workflow are available. 

Starting at $1500


TeleRay integrates with EPIC, Cerner, Athena, and more than 250 other EMR vendors. Most implementations are completed within two weeks.

  • Enable radiology reports to be posted in patient chart.
  • Embed web enabled image viewer links directly into patient record. (image enablement) in MyChart and other portals.
  • Integrations can be complex to include many tools or simple depending on needs and workflow. 

Starting at $1500


TeleRay cloud storage is a cost-effective solution for any size ‘on premise to cloud’ migration. TeleRay’s bulk upload software is capable of migrating studies to cloud storage with no user intervention required.

  • Migration may be timed to run at low network use times such as 11pm to 5am until complete.
  • Data is normalized to ensure restoration and usability.
  • Data is secure and mirrored across several server farms for 247/365 access without fail.
  • Become compliant, lower cost, lower liability and create more access and efficient workflow with the include TeleRay platform.
  • Works with all legacy PACS, file systems, and modalities.

Starting at $1500


Virtually place any qualified professional, whether it is a doctor, sonographer, or specialist, in the room to view real time imaging during the procedure. TeleRay Live allows for face to face communication while streaming the live feed without latency. A camera allows for the view of the room, patient position and probe positioning. Once exam is complete, the full DICOM file may be sent through the ultra-secure network to the intended recipient.


Starting at $195 a month or $5,495 Please inquire about options

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