Transmit Real-Time Images from Medical Devices on a Secured Network​

TeleRay Live is a leading new platform that transmits real-time radiology examinations at the point-of-care to qualified physicians from any site, whether a remote satellite office or an under-served location. TeleRay facilitates reliable transmission of imaging modalities with both visual and audio communication, providing early access information.

The applications for this technology are endless. TeleRay Live can be used for everything from transmission of ultrasound from an ambulance, transmission of MRI or X-Ray to a consulting physician or for remote education of medical professionals. All of this can be performed in conjunction with a telehealth visit where a patient and multiple professionals can consult with one another. Many practices use TeleRay Live for remote specialists needed during a live scan to provide instant feedback and ensure they are capturing the required images.

TeleRay Live is HIPAA compliant and registered with the FDA. It is also integrated with image exchange service so that the images can be converted to DICOM and distributed to patients, professionals, and PACS systems. Connects with all modalities and systems with video outputs.

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