TeleRay Virtual Care

TeleRay virtual care solutions are an easy to implement platform for all type of use cases including telenursing, telesitting, tele-ICU, security, patient monitoring and more. Our software seamlessly integrates with your existing EMR for notifications, statistics, data, AI alerts, scheduling, viewing of images, exchange of patient data, and other time saving tools.  In addition to software, we offer hardware packages to get you started (if needed) along with training, onboarding, and best-in-class service for both the provider and their patients. Whether you need to monitor one or a thousand patients, TeleRay will meet your needs. All plans are expandable based upon usage and growth of your telehealth program. 

Key Features:

“TeleRay has been exceptional in handling the implementation and support. I made a good choice!”


Dr. Manning
Carmel, IN

Telecapabilities That Go Beyond

Expand your use cases and access while lowering cost.

TeleRay.Visit is a platform which allows for two-way communication for any virtual use case including telenursing, telesitting, virtual visits including rounds, discharge, and consultation. TeleRay.Visit offers the most advanced security, and additional capabilities not found with other vendors. TeleRay.Visit gives a complete and more holistic opportunity by viewing images, reports and results during any consultation.

Standard Video Flow

  • Typically 1 way communication
  • Standard camera
  • One caller per session
  • No outside access
  • High cost per minute- cost of ownership
  • Lack of portability

TeleRay Video & Data Flow

  • Ultra secure P2P framework
  • High res Axis PTZ camera
  • 2 way communication
  • Add images, results, labs to any consultation
  • AI/ML- monitoring of patient movement, falls and sounds
  • Outside access to providers
  • Outside access to family and friends
  • Move data seamlessly to providers and patients
  • Fully integrated cart options
  • Low cost of ownership and service

TelRay and Axis Cameras

Compliant Two-Way Communication

TeleRay has partnered with best-in-class camera company Axis Communications to offer state of the art Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) options with built in AI applications for fall risks, out of bed alerts, security, and sound intelligence for sound monitoring from devices, coughing and aggression detection. Axis works seamlessly with EPIC and other EMR systems to deliver a multi-use case system with TeleRay. 

Industry leader in IP video
Network solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom and audio systems
4,210 employees in 50+ countries**
1.6 B USD***
Committed to UN Global Compact
Fully NDAA Compliant Not made in China
Fully NDAA Compliant Not made in China

“Once leaders at other facilities in our healthcare network saw how the new system helped with things like preventing falling risks and investigations, demand for the new technology spread like wildfire”

Robert Sherwood, Director of Public Safety Technology for Lee Health

Deep Linking


2 Way Audio Video
PTZ Controls (Digital and Optical
Preferred Language Push
Two-way Video


(New – Uses Axis’s home-grown VMS as engine)

2 Way Audio Video

PTZ Controls (Digital and Optical)

PTZ Control From Watchlist

Preferred Language Push

Future Integrations Planned

Integrating AXIS Camera Station software with Epic Monitor ECAL (Embedded Context Aware Linking) provides assistive technology to help monitor patients and maintain a higher level of care. In-room cameras with audio capabilities and built-in analytics, coupled with EMR, allows healthcare practitioners to observe patients in real-time. A more efficient remote monitoring of multiple patients with fewer resources. 

Axis Video and Audio - Mobile Solution

  • Healthcare practitioners can easily and efficiently monitor multiple patient or resident rooms and ably assist and interact if needed
  • This portable setup makes it possible for healthcare practitioners to give assistance to those patients/residents where a fixed solution cannot be deployed
  • Axis network camera mounted on a mobile cart that is also equipped with an Axis network speaker and microphone
  • Includes all TeleRay features for virtual visits and consultations

Axis Video and Audio - Fixed Solution

  • Healthcare practitioners can easily and efficiently monitor multiple patient or resident rooms and ably assist and interact if needed

  • Axis network camera mounted in the room

  • Axis network speaker installed on the ceiling
    Both devices are managed and configured in AXIS Camera Station

  • Includes all TeleRay features for virtual visits and consultations

  • TV or other screen may be used for displaying TeleRay virtual visits

  • Includes all TeleRay features for virtual visits and consultations

TeleRay AI Tools

Staff will know issues and be prepared before entering room with  specialized AI alerts including sound detection and fall risks.

All sounds are monitored including devices such as infusion pumps.

Aggression, Cough and Medical Device Detection ad Alerts.

Camera may read drip rate and levels of IV bags.

FREE – Axis Live Privacy Shield to protect patient privacy and give comfort to patients that require consistent monitoring. 

Play Video

Patient Out of Bed and Fall Risk Detection with Aidant Care.

Additional AI applications will be added as part of the TeleRay and Axis roadmap of providing best in care solutions.

TeleRay Use Cases

Solve numerous use cases with a single platform

Tele-sitting (Epic Monitor + Axis Cameras) :

Epic Deep Linking: Free no reoccurring fees, two-way audio, one way video for fixed or mobile workflows, Two-way video (fixed in room only, no mobile), PTZ controls, preferred language push (prerecorded messages)


Epic ECAL: 89$/ Channel MSRP + base installation package, two-way audio, one way video for fixed or mobile workflows, PTZ controls, preferred language push, (prerecorded messages)


Artificial Intelligence Support: ARTPEC8 camera chips. AI models for patients out of bed, patient fall, aggression and cough detection. AI models are third party and a la carte that run on the camera GPU/CPU


Camera event triggering event integration into SPOK


Multi-tenant support for tele-sitting and virtual nursing (TeleRay Visit)

Tele-sitting (Epic Monitor + Axis Cameras) :
Cost Structure (Not including hardware): $50/room (or cart) / month.

Two Way Video and Audio – for general ad hoc clinical communications with remote nurse

Virtual Care Consultations – clinician to patient

Remote Nursing Admissions – typical admissions processes without need for bedside access

Remote Nursing Discharges – typical discharge processes without need for bedside access

Patient Consent – remote patient agreement for procedural workflows

Specialist collaboration – ability to send active links to remote clinicians for specialized treatment plans

Virtual Rounding (Epic Hyperspace workflow and/or TeleRay Logging of calls) – ability to log round

Dual Medication Validation – additional workflow of ad hoc communication used to validate medication distribution

TeleICU – additional workflow of ad hoc communication used to facilitate workflows for patients in ICU

Virtual Visitations – Ability to send active links to remote patient visitors via email or text from TeleRay software

Fixed in room workflows supported for above

Mobile workflows supported for above pending cart purchase and cart attributes

Epic Context Aware Linking CAL – Live two-way video link to room from Hyperspace


Image enablement
Image exchange with report / send studies to patients referring and specialist
Access to images anywhere and on any device
Tele-stroke – Platform connects PACS and Virtual Nursing at same time for ED/ collaboration
Live Streaming of any modality (pending use of additional hardware for workflow support)

Admissions, scripts, and discharge rounds will be virtual. With TeleRay, your infrastructure will be prepared for this evolution.

TeleRay HALO Medical Grade Cart

Perfect for TeleRay Visit Implementations

The ultimate cart with unlimited services.

Halo by TeleRay is the latest innovation for carts with TeleRay Services.

Medical grade with high tech features for demanding situations. Whether it’s a consultation, patient monitoring, virtual rounds, and other situational issues, HALO can accommodate your needs.


Special features:

  • 2’ standard pole for peripheral mounting
  • Integrated PoE switch
  • Two way speakerphone with noise cancellation
  • AXIS PTZ camera
  • 5 point wheelbase- non-marking 4” casters
  • Accessible power system
  • Removable computer for easy serviceability
  • 15’ power cable
  • Complies with: IEC60601/ IEC61000-4-2/ RoHS/Reach
  • 1 Year warranty including services


Custom options:

  • VESA mounted computer (up to 27” or 32” monitor)
  • Multi-battery CPU for non-stop mobile use
  • Bluetooth key board and mouse
  • Built-in AI for patient movement, fall detection
  • Sound Intelligence for cough, aggression, equipment detection
  • UPS power options up to 600VA
  • External accessible ports (2x USB, RJ45, buttons, etc.)


Custom Status Lights -246 Programmable LEDs:

  • Unit status: Power on/ Setup/ Standby modes
  • System diagnostic, camera in use, Alerts
  • Three distinct lighting locations on body/head
  • Development kit available for programming


All Halo systems include TeleRay subscription fortelehealth/telemedicine, sharing and exchanging images, FDA approved viewer, and much more.

Multiple options available.