TeleRay Visit - Any room at any time
Integrates with Epic and all major EMR systems

Who says you can’t be in more than one place at a time?

TeleRay Visit is a powerful video and communication platform to view and consult multiple rooms simultaneously or separately.  Whether it is telenursing, telesitting, virtual rounds, bedside visits, family members or specialists, ICU, and more, you may address many use cases. TeleRay is partnered with Axis cameras for best in class Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability with AI for fall detection, patient wandering, sound detection for aggression, cough and medical systems such as infusion pumps. 

Upon log-in, the user chooses which room to view. An encrypted connection is made and will display accepted connections in a grid style view. Clicking a view expands the image to a full screen.  The platform detects usage and will shut down automatically when not in use. Two-way video/audio communication is network-enabled. Communication is available outside the network to the supporting healthcare community of physicians and specialists. Patients may connect with family members during a consult. Great for a multitude of use cases from fixed in-room systems to mobile carts with many features and options. 

Pricing starts at $50 per room per month for unlimited use of tele-services and the TeleRay platform.  TeleRay allows for viewing of images and results during consultation from PACS, labs or EMR. Please inquire for demo, pricing and a multitude of options.

Efficiencies await with clinicians knowing why they are going to a room before they get there. 

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