Low Cost Medical Grade Telehealth Carts

Save thousands over other telehealth carts. TeleRay Carts are medical-grade without the medical mark-up!

Take the power of TeleRay wherever you need it. Whether it’s telenursing, telesitting, virtual consults, a remote bedside visit, a different room in the office, or other special circumstances, TeleRay is easily moved for a patient or professional consultation. A sturdy mobile cart allows for complete mobility within the site. Power packs, lighting, and other optional upgrades are available.

Create a great patient experience with primary and specialty providers. Equipped with a touch screen interface, amplified audio, integrated support and Wi-Fi, care teams can quickly initiate a telehealth consultation between patients and one or more remote providers. Powder-coated anti-microbial surfaces for professional-grade use.

Cellular options are available for complete mobility including emergency and other transport scenarios.

“TeleRay on a cart has been a lifesaver….literally! We use it for so many use cases in the hospital it has become indispensable. Thank you.”ce​

Starting at $3,995.00 with a standard head unit included. Other options are available. Call for a quote.

Optional carts may be configured with cellular, battery, cables, and different specs for head unit. Please call for more details.

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