Teleray Live Setup

Teleray Live Setup

WARNING: Personal medical devices

Radio-frequency emissions and magnetic fields from electronic equipment can negatively affect the operation of other electronic equipment, causing them to malfunction. Although your device is designed, tested, and manufactured to comply with regulations governing radio frequency emission in countries such as the United States, Canada, the European Union, and Japan, the wireless transmitters and electrical circuits in the device may cause unintentional interference in other electronic equipment.

Persons with pacemakers should always take the following precautions:

  • The American Heart Association recommends that a minimum separation of 15 cm (6 inches) be maintained between a wireless device and a pacemaker to avoid potential interference with the pacemaker.
  • If you use your mobile device with a case or holder select one without metallic parts.
  • Do not carry your device in a chest pocket.
  • If you have any reason to suspect that interference is occurring immediately turn off your device.

If you use a medical device other than a pacemaker, consult the device manufacturer or your physician for information and instructions about the use of other electronic devices near your medical device.

Disposal of Waste Batteries and Electrical & Electronic Equipment

TeleRay Live has lithium-ion batteries and requires careful disposal. This symbol on the product or its batteries or its packaging means that this product and any batteries it contains must not be disposed of with your household waste. Instead, it is your responsibility to hand this over to an applicable collection point for the recycling of batteries and electrical and electronic equipment. This separate collection and recycling will help to conserve natural resources and prevent potential negative consequences for human health and the environment due to the possible presence of hazardous substances in batteries and electrical and electronic equipment, which could be caused by inappropriate disposal.

It is recommended to keep the device in a stationary position away from liquids or extreme heat. (This device is rated as a commercial product for operation at +32ºF (+0ºC) to +95ºF (+35ºC).

It is recommended to sterilize and clean the device before and after each use. Over-the-counter sterilization, products can be used such as the Citrus II product line.


Austin, TX

TeleRay Live is used for medical collaboration and not for diagnostic purposes and is FDA registered Class 1 exempt ( CFR 21 892.2020)
In an event of a malfunction or changes to performance, contact the manufacturer

Following these steps the device will be properly installed and ready to perform safely:

  1. Unbox the TeleRay Live unit and push the power button on the top of the device. Let the device boot to the Teleray home page Screen.
  2. Take the 1ft white USB cord and plug one end into the capture device mounted on the back of the unit. Then plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on the Teleray Live Device.
  3. Unbox the Hdmi Cord and plug that cord into the opposite end of the USB mounted on the back of the TeleRay Unit.
  4. Take the other end of the HDMI cord and plug that directly into the back of the modality.
  5. If the Video out of the ultrasound machine is not an HDMI please use the DVI to HDMI converter located in the box.
  6. Once you have completed steps 1-5 press the Teleray Live icon on the home page and login to the TeleRay Live device account.
  7. Once logged in you will see a list of providers that can be contacted, and you are ready to use your TeleRay live device.

Pre-call Test

To test your TeleRay connection we have developed a simple and easy “Test Call” that runs a diagnostic test on your network and hardware.

  • After signing into your account you will select “Make a Test Call” and let the TeleRay system check the network conditions.
  • After the test call is completed, you will be given feedback regarding your network conditions. This will help you decide if you need to connect to a different network to get the most out of your TeleRay Live experience.
  • This test call function should be run on both the TeleRay and the provider’s device to make sure both devices have the hardware and network conditions for a great TeleRay Live call.