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Low Cost TeleHealth Carts Help with Demand for Consultations in Busy Sites

TeleRay carts allow for family members to join a call at anytime.

Low cost teleheath carts with optional cellular connectivity for mobile consult and real-time modality viewing from anywhere.

TeleRay Telehealth TV Kit for home or hospital. Convert any TV into a professional telehealth station.

Carts may be moved from room to room for consultations, patient monitoring, and mobile applications.“Sites shouldn’t have to pay so much for medical-grade telehealth carts. It’s about serving the need of the site and the patient. Our carts do that with the best platform”— Cody NevilleAUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Telehealth strategies demand more than just face-to-face connections for consultations. Many initiatives will require carts, wall mounts, and TV kits. Most sites have embraced telehealth during COVID for referrals, patient triage, an alternative to in-person visits, patient monitoring, and building it in as an integral part of their delivery of care. Sites now have to understand how the workflow will adapt and what equipment may be needed to deliver telehealthcare.

The FCC is awarding funding of these technologies including the hardware as hospitals and clinics see increased demand for inpatient specialty care. Unfortunately, carts can be extremely expensive, considering medical grade status, for antibacterial powder coatings, built-in CAT5, power cables, sturdy wheels, baskets, and all different head units. Battery power is another consideration with Wi-Fi or cellular for complete mobility. Carts can be 10s of thousands of dollars and have priced some sites out of the initiative they were planning.

TeleRay, a leading provider in telehealth with built-in image management, has turnkey medical-grade carts starting at an unbelievable $3995.00 complete with software, cables, and a high-quality head unit. Additional options such as battery, cellular, and other configurations are available. TeleRay systems may be found in 70% of the top 50 medical centers with thousands of users nationwide. Wall-mounted arms, surgery recorders, medical keyboards, and telehealth TV kits may be found at www.teleray.com or inquire at info@teleray.com

About TeleRay: TeleRay is a technology leader with the only telehealth radiology platform for the management and distribution of medical images and patient information. We offer the most secure platform for interactive consultation while viewing images, reports, while still seeing each other, including family members or specialists on a multi-person call. TeleRay is widely recognized as the most reliable and advanced software on the market, with multiple filed patents at the best value.

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