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Many orthopedic offices and clinics depend on TeleRay for compliant image storage, image management, image exchange, and built in telehealth/telemedicine for quick consultations with images and results. Most practices are non-compliant and spending more than with one vendor than the all-inclusive TeleRay packages.

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Why Choose Us

Secure Storage

Most secure cloud storage on the market

FDA Approved Viewer

View Images on any devices anywhere

EMR Connection

We connect to over 250 EMRS for Image enablement

Connect Directly to your Modality

We help setup and connect directly to your Modality

About Us

Our ultra-secure cloud storage system is highly scalable, highly reliable, and easy to implement. It offers super-fast uploads, downloads, and viewing anywhere, on any device, at any time. We partnered with Microsoft Azure to bring the most secure storage to you in your own silo. 


We are the only Image Management system to insurance our customers for 2 million dollars per breach! 

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